Band Together to Play “Haruka”

For EC 2021, we are gathering videos of people playing the latest Kodo One Earth Music release, “ Kodo One Earth Music - “Haruka” on this page!

See here for details on how to participate!

All you need to do is share your video on YouTube with these hashtags: #kodoharuka #EC2021haruka

Let’s band together and play “Haruka” to liven up EC 2021!

  • 鼓童さんの新曲! 遥か

  • Haruka (Kodo One Earth Music #3)

  • Akutagawa H,S, Taiko club "Haruka~"  芥川高校和太鼓部 1年生「遥か」鼓童提供楽曲

  • なかへち清姫太鼓 鼓童提供楽曲「遥か」EC2021

  • 鼓童提供楽曲03「遥か」EC2021

  • 和太鼓翔櫻 2021.8

  • 三宅友志会による「遥か」