Sample Some of Sado’s Attractions Online

Home to Earth Celebration, Sado Island has a circumference of 260 kilometers and an area of 854.6 square kilometers. Most people think Sado is a tiny island floating in the Sea of Japan, so many first-time visitors are surprised by the island’s considerable size. With a distinct four-seasonal climate and rich culture stemming from a colorful past, Sado Island is practically a miniature version of Japan itself, both culturally and climatically. Indeed, a trip to the island is like visiting a living museum.

With the festival moving online last year, we prepared a collection of videos to give you a real feel for the abundant nature and folk arts that live and breathe on Sado.

It gave us the chance to share this captivating art form with an even larger audience than we could host in the cozy local playhouse. We invited four puppet troupes to record their performances especially for the EC Channel broadcast. We hope you enjoy this entertaining lineup from the comfort of your own home.

Sado’s Performing Arts—Bunya Puppet Theater

Sado’s iconic puppet theater, Bunya Ningyo in Japanese, is designated as a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Asset.

From the Meiji Era through to the Taisho Era (late 19th to early 20th century), this art form was upheld by people who lived all over the island. Nowadays, it’s still performed during local festivals and performing arts events. The narrator’s captivating voice and cleverly timed delivery coupled with the puppeteers delightful movements promise to draw the audience into the unique realm of each tale.

  • Sansho Dayu (Sansho the Bailiff), Tori-oi, Naruko-biki by Shinmeiza Puppet Troupe

  • Hiragana Seisuiki, Awazugahara no Gassen (Battle of Awazugahara) by Tokiwaza Puppet Troupe

  • Kokusenya Kassen (The Battles of Coxinga), Ryukakun Fusen by Ozakiza Puppet Troupe

  • , Kumawakamaru Funade by Futabaza Puppet Troupe

The Three Treasures of Sado Island: Sado Gold Mine, Geopark, and World Agricultural Heritage Site

On Sado, there are places to visit that many consider to be global treasures. During EC 2020, we’d like to introduce three of them. One is Sado Gold Mine, which locals are campaigning to get registered as World Cultural Heritage. The island is a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS), and it also boasts stunning geoparks. These treasures are connected to wonderful culinary traditions, history, and culture that are unique to this island.

We hope you’ll enjoy the virtual reality film and videos below that show you all the charms of these three treasures and more!

  • Virtual Reality

  • World Heritage Site

  • GIAHS (Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems)

  • Geoparks