Online Talk “Onidaiko x Kodo: All About Hitohi”

Onidaiko, which literally translates as “demon drumming,” is one of Sado Island’s iconic, beloved folk traditions. It’s an auspicious demon deity dance set to the beat of a taiko drum. This rousing dance is said to bring good health and fortune.
At this event, Kodo members Koki Miura and Masayasu Maeda will tell you all about "Hitohi,'' a piece they created for the Kodo stage that incorporates aspects of the onidaiko unique to Hamakawachi in Sado’s southeast. Hamakawachi local Noboru Sugiyama will join them to introduce the unique characteristics of this style of onidaiko and share stories from the creative process behind the scenes of “Hitohi.” Throughout the talk, attendees will be encouraged to join the conversation and ask questions in the chat section.

Event Details

Live Online Talk
Aug. 8 (Sun) 15:00–16:00 JST* (1 hr)
*Japan Standard Time (GMT + 9)
Note: An archive recording will be available after the livestream for anyone who can’t attend live or wishes to watch the talk again until Aug. 22 23:59 (JST).

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700 yen
Koki Miura, Masayasu Maeda (Kodo), Noboru Sugiyama (Kawachi Wakate)
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This talk will be conducted in Japanese and English.
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