Share your Kodo “Haruka” Videos

For EC 2021, we want to gather as many videos as possible of people playing the latest Kodo One Earth Music release, “Haruka”.

All you need to do is video yourself or your friends playing Haruka, then share it on YouTube with these hashtags: #kodoharuka #EC2021haruka
We will compile the videos with these hashtags on the EC 2021 website for everyone around the world to enjoy.

Feel free to add a message for EC to your video, or to dress up in EC-inspired attire. Summer festival vibes and your own unique touches are very welcome.

If you add “We’d love to hear from you, Kodo!” to the video description, we’ll arrange for a Kodo member to leave a comment on your video.

Band together to play Haruka, and help us liven up EC 2021!

About Kodo One Earth Music
Kodo One Earth Music compositions are original pieces composed by Kodo, created to attract more people to taiko performing arts.
For further details, visit Kodo’s website .

Submissions Accepted
June 15 (Tue)ーAug. 22 (Sun)
Submission Guidelines
Just include the hashtags: #kodoharuka #EC2021haruka when you upload your performance videos to YouTube!
We’re looking for “Haruka” performance videos that:
- feature you/your group performing,or
- are individual or group performances, or
- are performances of one instrument’s part in its entirety.
You’re welcome to:
- add a message for EC.
- wear EC-inspired attire.
Please note that:
- you don’t need to use taiko for your performance. You can drum on a tire or cardboard box!
- your video can be filmed in landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) mode.
Where to View Videos
We are compiling the video submissions here:
Band Together to Play “Haruka”

After EC 2021, Haruka videos will also be shared on the Kodo website. (Link TBA)