EC Official Merchandise

EC 2021T-shirt sales have ended. Thank you for everyone who purchased our merchandise!
EC 2021 T-shirts

EC 2021 t-shirts are available online from July 15 to Sep. 10. We have two new designs this year and each one is available in three color combinations. We’ve connected EC Shop to Printful, so your 2021 t-shirt order will be printed and shipped from the nearest location possible, saving on time and shipping.

Other EC Merchandise
EC goods such as towels, keychains, and t-shirts from previous years are available at Kodo Online Store now.

*EC 2021 t-shirt orders can be placed online in English and Japanese.
*Other EC merchandise is only listed on Kodo Online Store in Japanese. For English or overseas orders, please contact the Store via this form.
*Shipping costs are additional.

EC 2021 T-shirts

This year’s EC t-shirts were designed by two members of the Kodo group: performer Masayasu Maeda and staff member Misato Akazawa. Carrying on from 2020, the theme for this year’s T-shirt was "Sado, Kodo, and the World. We are all connected!"

Get into festival mode with one, or both, of these new designs!
EC 2021 T-shirts Available: July 15 (Thu)–Sep. 10 (Fri)

This Year’s Designs

EC 2021ーIsland
“Every day, there’s so much sad news worldwide. From here on Sado, I hope that we can make this year’s Earth Celebration another soothing experience for people around the world, and for the Earth.”
Masayasu Maeda (Kodo performer)

EC 2021ーSea
“Wherever we are in the world, we are all connected. I hope the sound of taiko travels across the sea and reaches the hearts of people all over the world. My design is based on that wish.”
Misato Akazawa (Kodo staff member)