Support EC via Crowdfunding

The EC Crowdfunding campaign has officially ended on Aug. 31, 2020. Thank you to all for your generous support!

In this unprecedented year, we decided to make all the main content for Earth Celebration (EC) free. Our goal? To welcome as many people as possible around the world to our first-ever online festival. We hope it gives you a real boost and brings you joy in uncertain times.

Kodo was forced to cancel its spring and early summer tours due to the global pandemic, so the members have been here on Sado Island, pouring their energy into coming up with ways to entertain you at EC 2020 Online. They’ll be showcasing their talents, creative ideas, and Sado Island over the three days of EC.

If you’d like to support EC, we are collecting donations by way of a crowdfunding campaign. It’s a chance to toss a coin in our collection hat, so to speak.

Your contribution will not only help us present EC this year, it will also help ensure EC continues in the years to come. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Earth Celebration Committee

EC 2020 Crowdfunding Campaign Underway July 20–Aug. 31! (Campaign Ended)

Our crowdfunding page is in Japanese, but if you donate via our English payment screen, we will manually add your donation to the campaign to boost the total.

Campaign Period
July 20 (Mon)ーAug. 31 (Mon), 2020
How to Donate
With English payment instructions:
Click the button below to donate using Paypal or a credit card (no login required).
With Japanese payment instructions:
Donate via our campaign page here.

To see how our campaign is going, check the totals on our Japanese crowdfunding page using this key.