Refund Info for In-Person Ticket Holders

The EC 2021 Harbour Concerts will no longer have an in-person audience and will be held online only. Please see EC 2021 Changes from Hybrid to Online Only for details.

In-person ticket holders can request a refund, but we are not able to transfer in-person tickets to live stream tickets. Please purchase a live stream ticket separately to join us at the concerts online.

Refund Info for In-Person Ticket Holders

To request a refund for in-person tickets, please email the following details to Kodo Ticket Service:

Your Name:
Booking Number:
Email Address:
Daytime Contact Number:

Refund Period
Aug. 9 (Mon)ーSep. 10 (Fri)
Refund Requests / Inquiries:
Refund Requests / Inquiries:
Kodo Ticket Service Tel. 0259-86-2330 (Mon.–Fri. 9:30–17:00)

*For assistance in English, please contact KTS by email.
*Please check your spam folder if you don’t hear from us within a few days.

Live Stream Tickets

Live stream tickets are available now on Zaiko. Save 1000 yen with a 2-concert ticket!
We hope you’ll join us for these concerts, together at home.